What Part-Time & Gig Employees Need to Focus on Now

April 21, 2020

As the details about federal and state/local stimulus packages are emerging, everyone has questions. And if you are a company populated with part-time, 1099 and gig workers instrumental to your team, their situation is probably different than for your standard W2 people. Here are a few tips to keep your flex, part-time and contract workers engaged and connected.

Share all information you receive as the business owner.

  • Ask your team to do the same. Information is different at federal and state levels – and is changing almost daily. Consider setting up an intranet or web page that you can update regularly to help keep everyone on your team engaged and informed.

Help answer questions – or point folks in the right direction.

  • Right now, gig workers on your team can file for unemployment. Make sure they know that – and if you are able – let them know they will have a job when you have the work for them again. Offer HR support with filing assistance and questions.

Be a support – not a barrier.

  • Stay engaged and motivational. If your part-time team members are still working, connect with them often, offering appraisals, encouragement, and motivation.
  • If you find yourself having furloughs or layoffs – try to stay engaged during the off times. Especially if you want them back after your company emerges from this chaos. Let them know how they are doing, how they can move up – and what they could do in their off-time to stay fresh, alert and educated.

Above all, be transparent and over-communicate.

  • Even if you are simply stating that you truly aren’t sure. The faster your people learn what is happening, the faster you can collaborate on a solution.

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