What you Missed in February and What’s up Next

February 25, 2021

February always seems to fly by, so it can be easy to forget just how much we covered in the shortest month.  Our blogs this past month really focused in on the employee experience and creative ways to boost engagement.

Enjoy revisiting these blogs and the many tips and tricks included with each blog post. Please help us expand our community by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook and continue to visit Truvelop’s blog for valuable insights into best practices in performance management, real time feedback and employee engagement and how to improve the overall employee experience.

Be sure to scroll all the way through for a preview at what’s coming soon!

Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted Truvelop’s User Community Lunch and Learn on Horizontal Talent Mobility Strategies and how to develop them. 2021 is predicted to have a much more competitive talent landscape, so taking a creative approach to developing internal talent is more important than ever. Additionally, improving the employee experience is expected to be a focus for many organizations again this year which means finding new ways to engage and challenge employees is definitely a priority. Juliana took our Users on a deep dive into creative talent development strategies, placing an emphasis on horizontal mobility through the utilization of transferable skills.  

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Many organizations across the country have reported that employee productivity is lower than normal, especially since the start of the pandemic.  Approaches that have worked in the office aren’t translating the same way in a remote environment.  HR leaders are looking for new and creative ways to adapt and incentivize employee performance.  In fact, according to the Incentive Research Program, “…incentive programs can boost performance by anywhere from 25 to 44 percent…”.  Learn more about our tips on ways incentives can increase workforce productivity.

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In the HR industry, talent development is mainly focused on “employees”, which typically means those working at lower levels of the organizational structure. The development of managers is often overlooked. Managers play an important role in driving a successful company, but they too need support and attention so that they can flourish. In this post, ur team offers three tips for innovative ways to provide your managers with professional development.

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Team building creates the space for employees to learn from each other and about one another. These meaningful interactions will improve employee morale and collaboration, and help employees gain new skills. Moreover, this will lead to increased productivity in a workplace, as it promotes cooperation and motivation. The pandemic may prevent in-person socialization, however, that does not mean that socialization is no longer possible. In this post, our team shares a few ways to facilitate team building in a remote environment.

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Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted Truvelop’s User Community Lunch and Learn on Building Motivation. Motivation can fluctuate, but according to Self-Determination Theory, there are three areas we can build up to increase an individual’s engagement in the workplace. Juliana took our Users on a deep dive into creative ways to develop competence, autonomy, and relatedness. 

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What’s coming next?

We have so much planned for our User Community in March!  Beginning on March 10th, we will be hosting a Webinar Series that is focused on innovative ways to increase employee engagement throughout 2021.  We will be joined by guest panelists who will share their unique perspectives and experiences.  Our first theme is about High Performance Cultures in a Remote World.  You won’t want to miss this! 

Additionally, we will moving our User Community Lunch and Learns to a monthly schedule, with our next one being hosted on March 17.  As always, we would love to hear your ideas and feedback! Please reach out to us at support@truvelop.com to share.

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