What You Missed in November

November 29, 2022

Throughout November, our team shared content focused on gratitude and renewing commitment.  When employees take the time to reflect on what they appreciate most about their work experience, they’re going to feel more engaged, motivated, and have a more positive relationship with their peers and manager.  This in turn helps employees to renew their sense of purpose and commitment to their organization.  When managers are able to facilitate meaningful reflections, they’re going to reap the benefits of a team that feels inspired heading into the new year.  

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As we move our way through the fourth quarter of 2022, many companies are gearing up for year-end reviews which can inform bonuses, pay raises, and promotions. These annual performance reviews can cause a lot of angst for not only the employee and manager, but also HR teams and organizational leaders. Too often, employees walk away feeling confused and frustrated, taking their concerns to HR, because they don’t agree with the review.

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We are excited to welcome ZIPS Cleaners to our growing customer base! ZIPS corporate offices and stores are leveraging our mobile solution to standardize the performance review process and increase real time feedback.

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Like many industries, the manufacturing industry is struggling to recruit new employees. Manufacturers, however, face hurdles other industries do not: shifting skill sets due to the introduction of advanced technologies and misperceptions of manufacturing jobs.

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This fall, the Truvelop team had the pleasure of working with Andressa Carvalho Viscone. She interned with us to fulfill her Senior Project Internship with the University of Baltimore’s I/O Psychology program.

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As employers continue to struggle in 2023 with recruiting, they should look inwardly and focus on developing their existing workforce, creating customized plans for training and certifications to reskill or upskill high-performing internal candidates.

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In Renew Your Purpose, our audience considered their “why.” When people feel valued and like they are making an impact, they are going to feel better about their role and where they work. With retention continuing to be a priority, this is a crucial area for Managers to focus on. During the Lunch and Learn, Managers were walked through various exercises that they can leverage to renew their personal purpose while also renewing Team Member commitment to the organization and their mission, vision, and values.

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As we near the end of the year, we will continue to share best practices and creative ideas for renewing commitment from your team.  Let’s carry the momentum of a strong finish in 2022 into a great start for 2023!

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