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The Truvelop Advantage

Investing in proactive, continuous performance management and development to foster higher engagement, stronger manager-employee relationships at the frontline, a stronger culture, greater retention, and increased profitability.  


Start with a baseline Evaluation to know where your team is performing today and how you can get to where you want to go.

Truvelop is a modern approach to Employee evaluations, replacing or supplementing an annual review, and approach that is proven to increase Employee engagement. Our Evaluation process is fast and easy to use, saving organization's thousands of hours annually. Managers answer a few simple questions about each Team Member on a regular cadence, and our proprietary algorithm does the rest. Our Evaluation is designed to match the quick pace and agile flow of even the most demanding industries.


THE TRUVELOP Assessment.

Truvelop has reimagined the employee review experience. In just 2-5 minutes, managers answer a short survey of 15 questions about an individual team member’s current performance, attitude, and overall maintenance. Truvelop's proprietary algorithm then identifies where the Team Member is currently performing, why that matters, and what actionable steps both the Manager and Team Member can take together to further the employee’s growth and development.   

See everything in a Dashboard.

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends report, 55% of companies still struggle to benefit from basic people analytics. And even more lack effective methods of communicating performance metrics to executive leadership. Data is where Truvelop’s true power comes to life. High-level charts and comment logs let you see individual, department, and organization-level ratings and talent insights like never before, enabling executive teams to make data-driven decisions. Your dashboard equips you with:

  • Visuals of how an individual or team has performed over a period of time 
  • Your current landscape of In Play (at risk), A, B, C, and Replacement Player numbers
  • A robust contextual history of Sparks that includes praise, recognition, coaching, goal(s), and more for each individual employee
  • Insight into where you should focus your attention next -- in hiring or development
  • And much more!


Motivate your staff to bring their best self to work every day.

While the Truvelop Evaluation can measure progress and areas of opportunity, Spark is the driver of positive behavior change between performance periods. With Spark, Managers capture valuable performance insights, share praise and recognition, and leave coaching feedback to the Employee, increasing engagement and retention. Spark is the perfect tool to capture key development moments that can easily be referenced later in 1:1 meetings, creating meaningful and efficient growth.


Good Work Remembered & Recognized.

It’s commonly cited that anywhere from 60-85% of employees say they aren’t engaged in their work. A Conference Board survey found that disengaged employees cost organizations around $450-550 billion each year! Similar to evaluation scores, Truvelop Sparks are stored on the team member’s dashboard. These on-the-fly thoughts take just seconds to record and give you a place to remember and recognize great work while the Team Member provides updates, asks comments, and shares ideas. You no longer have to wonder what a team member did six months ago or if they hit their goals. All Sparks, responses, and updates are all right there. Easy to find. Easy to follow. 

Both Manager & Employee Facing.

To help encourage and increase meaningful manager and team member interaction, we’ve made Sparks both manager and employee facing. This means:

  • A manager can send a team member an evaluation score or Spark
  • A team member can request additional feedback or praise a peer. 
  • Managers and Team Members can share updates or ask clarification questions on feedback already shared, making it easy to navigate an ever-changing landscape. 

As always, it’s completely up to you to determine how much information you want to share with each employee. But your Truvelop evaluations, sparks, and comments are there, ready for you to take action and build a transparent culture of feedback and engagement.



Build a Culture of Development for both Team Members and Managers.

While the Truvelop questionnaire is the heartbeat of the solution, employee feedback is the key to unlocking great performance and retention. Truvelop’s AI-based coaching suggestions help manager and employees know exactly what they need to do at every step to grow from a B or C performer into an A while staying engaged and inspired.  



After each Truvelop evaluation, managers receive coaching tips and suggested feedback to give each employee based on their specific ratings. The feedback helps employees either sustain their great performance or course correct their behavior and trend upward as they continue receiving future evaluations. With both Managers and Employees on the same page, they can collaborate on a path forward. 


More than two million people will step into leadership roles over the next few years according to the Association of Training & Development. Yet research shows that most first-time managers don’t receive the training necessary to develop into great managers and leaders. Ironically, leadership training budgets are spent on more senior leaders, when it’s frontline supervisors that need it most! It’s often no surprise that 60% of new managers underperform or fail in their first two years. By logging into Truvelop a few times each month, managers can visually see their team’s performance and receive guidance and support on how to best develop and coach each individual.  




    Truvelop's performance management tool gives leaders critical data and visibility into metrics in the employee appraisal and talent management process. It reduces the cost and level of effort associated with team member evaluations while helping to reduce unplanned turnover and gives leaders real-time insight into strengths and weaknesses in their organization.

    • Saves significant time and money over in-house development, and provides a proven solution from the start

    • Gain insight into how effectively your managers are coaching and developing key talent in your organization

    • Reduce unanticipated team member turnover

    Truvelop streamlines organizational initiatives requiring a more comprehensive approach to talent development at multiple levels (team members + managers)


    Truvelop gives HR professionals powerful, easy-to-use tools that efficiently replace existing cumbersome systems that don’t deliver desired levels of engagement or feedback.

    • Mitigate costly HR issues before they damage your organization or brand

    • Leverage predictive analytics using meta-data to identify potential risk (e.g. compensation, team morale, team member engagement, risk team members)​

    • Identify and nurture high potential team members for management development with performance review templates

    Truvelop is easy to use, so your people will use it. Your job is complicated enough. Evaluating team members doesn’t have to be complicated too. Truvelop makes team member evaluation and development efficient and effective.


    Truvelop is a cloud-based Saas solution that is easy to integrate with your existing systems. 

    • Marketplace approved native Android / iOS App with fully responsive Web Application

    • PoLP (Principle of Least Privilege) model to protect sensitive corporate information

    • Strict customer data separation through multi-tenant implementation

    • Strong focus on automated testing


    Spend more time engaging and interacting with team members and less time with cumbersome, time-consuming evaluation processes that don’t work.

    • Gain valuable insight into trends, strengths, and weaknesses of the team members you manage

    • Have real data and insights to share with your team members to help increase their engagement and enhance their performance

    • Give real-time feedback with specifics instead of vague generalities from events you can’t remember

    • Easy to understand manager and team member dashboards to show department, team, and individual team trends (what we call Truvelop Tracks)


    Truvelop helps you create clear, measurable results and value-based objectives to measure progress against.


    Know where you stand. Understand how your manager, or managers, see your role and contribution. Learn what it takes to access valuable career growth tracks.

    • Request more frequent feedback

    • Receive more engaged, data-driven feedback instead of vague impressions

    • Identify career development paths, and track your success on those paths, more easily

    • See your individual performance trends

    • Take part in peer-to-peer evaluations

    Engage with more than just your work. Engage with the managers you work with. Build relationships that build stronger careers through more frequent, data-centered, multi-directional interaction. With Truvelop, Employees gain autonomy and can lead their own development.