Year-Round Employee Evaluations

September 19, 2023
It’s the third quarter and company leaders across all industries are beginning to plan for the new year. An important part of planning is forecasting talent gaps and budgets related to payroll and bonus structures.

It is curious, however, that many companies are still conducting annual reviews and doing so at the end of the year. Companies need to conduct more frequent evaluations so that managers have a better perspective of skill gaps and opportunities for improving performance.

According to Office Vibe, 96% of employees say they want to hear feedback regularly, but they also seek context. The results of a performance evaluation should never come as a surprise to employees. With ongoing evaluations throughout the year, employees should always have a firm grasp on how they are performing and ways they can improve.

Strong managers communicate with employees regularly, providing feedback on performance and progress towards goals. When managers wait until mid-year or the end of the year to conduct performance evaluations, they miss the opportunity to address challenges when they occur and provide the employee with the support they need to improve.

“’Managers should provide feedback throughout the year to ensure performance discussions are timely,’ Pamela Mitchell, SHRM-CP, founder and CEO of Ask HR Partners, shared in an article from SHRM. If an employee is shocked by a review, their manager likely missed opportunities to provide continuous feedback. ‘Doing so will make performance review conversations easier. If an employee’s performance isn’t where it should be, more than likely it didn’t happen overnight. If constructive feedback conversations happen throughout the year, when it’s time to sit down to look back over the employee’s performance, you will have a documented history.’”

Traditional reviews and performance evaluations can be a chore for both managers and employees.

But, with the Truvelop app, managers can conduct evaluations in minutes, at any time. The app fosters two-way communication, allowing the employee to see their evaluation in real time, respond with comments or questions, or even request an evaluation when they want feedback on a specific task or project. All of the data is aggregated so managers can easily refer back and see progress or trends as needed for reference.

Greg Buchner, CEO of CleanOffice shares, “One of the major challenges of supporting a workforce of 350+ front-line crew members, scattered across 200+ job sites, is the ability to provide each employee with consistent and meaningful performance evaluations. In too many cases, this activity either doesn’t happen, or lacks the standardization and trackability that is truly needed to produce desired outcomes.

With Truvelop, our field supervisors will finally have a user-friendly tool that ensures that all employee evaluations will be standardized, on time and will include ‘coaching insights’ that will help our supervisors and managers better understand our workforce.”

Prior to reviewing a performance evaluation with employees, managers should be prepared for questions, and have recommendations for how to address any challenges identified. Employee performance development requires collaboration.

When a manager is willing to listen without making assumptions, and work with employees to identify ways to improve their experience, employees feel valued and more engaged.

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